PBX or KSU: Multi-line Systems
Technology is supposed to make modern life easier. But a fancy phone with enough buttons to please an air traffic controller does not make life easier. And, if you need a PhD fromCal Berkeley or MIT to install the system, well... that’s not a good idea either.

Tropical Telecom has a better idea: use technology to make life  easier and more productive. It starts with PBX systems that use regular phones and common sense.
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Talking to a caller at your door from any house telephone lets you extend hospitality while maintaining security.
TropTel interphones use existing phones and wiring. They offer selective or all-call intercom too and they work like a telephone. No confusing Push-To-Talk switches.
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Doorphones, Intercoms, Paging and Accessories
Tropical Telecom’s door intercom stations have five finishes to match any home or office décor and wire with standard CAT5 low voltage cable.

TropTel offers voice paging systems and remote door controllers too.

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